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Events at our local chapter focus on big issues shaping corporate governance and help to educate, engage and strengthen our local community of boardroom directors. We look forward to welcoming you to our next event.

  • 25


    Classroom Evolution of the Board's Role on Cybersecurity

    The assets of companies, large and small, are facing an increased risk of losing or compromising their IP, confidential personnel and customer information, and diminished market brand to name a few. If unprepared, the consequences of a breach could result in a loss of public and investor confidence, disruption to vital infrastructure, and legal and regulatory sanctions. It is no surprise, then, that the level of board engagement in this area is also increasing. Yet overseeing a company's IT initiatives, particularly the adequacy of cybersecurity, can be a challenging task for directors. During this presentation, we will dive into the primary questions a board member should be asking its leadership to understand the threat landscape and the risk mitigation measures being performed to protect the company’s interest.

  • 15


    Classroom Real Estate Roundtable: Issues & Questions for High-Performing Companies

    Real Estate Roundtable: Issues and Questions for high-performing companies. Some directors think about their owned or leased real estate only as a means to conduct business - if they think about it at all. Directors in high-performing companies regularly challenge themselves to think about how the company is allocating all the resources at their disposal to influence growth for the organization. Are the right questions being asked in your boardroom?

  • 12


    Classroom Do You Know Your Director Liability Exposure?

    The legal landscape for board members is complex and risky - recent developments include increases in securities lawsuits, M&A litigation, and emerging threats from claims related to cybersecurity, data privacy, and climate change. Join us for an interactive peer-to-peer discussion on understanding your director liability exposure and how to address it.

  • 25


    Classroom The NACD Governance Survey Highlights

    Please join us for a discussion of the highlights of the NACD Governance Survey for public and private companies.

  • 06


    Classroom Faithfully Serving Two Masters

    A roundtable discussion to understand the unique perspective and responsibilities of directors who are both directors and significant investors/representatives of significant investors.

  • 18


    Classroom Inside the 2017 NACD Report of the BRC on Culture as a Corporate Asset

    Culture is more than perks for employees or cool corporate office environments. Corporate culture has a key role in developing powerful, successful and sustainable companies that create lasting value.

  • 08


    Classroom Sustainability

    Save the Date! Sustainability will be the topic for this programs. Details to follow.

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