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Events at our local chapter focus on big issues shaping corporate governance and help to educate, engage and strengthen our local community of boardroom directors. We look forward to welcoming you to our next event.

  • 08


    Classroom What Is SASB and Why Should You Care?

    What is SASB and Why Should You Care? Environmental, social, and governance matters all contribute to form an organization's sustainability reporting. This area of SEC disclosure and corporate reporting is increasing in interest and demand. Employees, supply chain partners, and investors are all interested in the additional color that this reporting provides. Join the NACD Minnesota Chapter as Mr. Hirth and our guest panel explore the following questions: What is the Sustainability Accounts Standard Board (SASB), how was it formed, and what are its mission and activities?

    Why are institutional investors interested in and, in some cases, demanding these additional disclosures?

    What does the SEC already require in terms of sustainability reporting? How are the SASB suggested disclosures developed by industry and what are they? What is the current state of sustainability reporting within and outside of Form 10-K? Why might you consider this reporting and activity to enhance the value of your organization?

    How are non-public companies approaching sustainability and reporting, and what benefits are they seeing? What questions about sustainability should directors be asking in 2018?

  • 05


    Classroom How Do Family Businesses Choose Outside Directors?

    Family businesses are interested in making the best possible decisions regarding new outside directors. And prospective directors are interested in understanding their unique role as an outsider on a family business board. During this roundtable discussion, family business representatives will share their thoughts on the important considerations when bringing in an outside director, and we'll discuss the prospective director's concerns

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